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3 Reasons To Visit Your Denturist Regularly

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If you have just been fitted for your first pair of dentures, you may think that you don't have to see the denturist again. However, regular visits to a denturist can be beneficial to your oral health. Here are three reasons to see your denturist regularly.

1. Ensure Proper Fit Over Time

Just as the rest of your body changes over time, your gums also shift and change. That can lead to an improper fit for your dentures. Not only that, but medications you take can also have an effect on whether your mouth is dry, leading to even more changes in your mouth that have an affect on how your dentures feel in your mouth.

After checking out your dentures and your gums, a denturist can offer a whole host of solutions that can improve your denture experience. For instance, the denturist may readjust or reline your dentures to provide a better fit. They can also suggest special mouthwashes to help decrease any irritation that your gums feel as a result of dry mouth or other problems.

2. Deal with Wear and Tear

Your dentures may be made well, but they can also wear down as you continue to use them. Eventually, your dentures may not be as effective at tearing food, or you may find that the dentures lie differently in your mouth. A denturist can determine whether you need to start thinking about new dentures, or whether there are measures you can take to help your current set of dentures last longer.

3. Get Early Diagnosis of Oral Health Conditions

During a checkup of your gums, your denturist may find signs of oral problems that need to be addressed right away. You may have symptoms that you attribute to your dentures, such as pain, mouth sores and jaw swelling; your denturist can determine whether you are in the early stages of oral cancer.

Another health condition that a denturist can help diagnose is TMJ. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint syndrome, is characterized by a clicking jaw, pain when you chew and inflammation. Again, you might think these symptoms are related to your dentures, but a denturist can alert you that you may be dealing with TMJ. By seeing a denturist regularly, you will have the advance notice you need to combat these problems.

Keep the above reasons in mind so that you remember to make regular appointments to see your denturist in Whitehorse. You will have dentures that fit well, and your gums and mouth will continue to be healthy. Dentures can be tough but you can start learning more about them and caring for them by contacting a company like Northern Denture Clinic for more information.