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3 Common Problems That Indicate Your Dentures Need Repairs

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If you're like many who have experienced tooth loss in your life, dentures offer you a way to keep your mouth working normally in the absence of natural teeth. Yet, what happens do you do when your dentures start to fail? The answer here is, either get them repaired or replaced. However, getting them repaired can often be cheaper, especially if you are aware of the signs that indicate that they may be failing. Signs like . . .

Broken Teeth

Accidents happen, and dentures aren't indestructible, which makes them prone to a wide variety of ways for the false teeth to become damaged. Whether it be through dropping them or even simply biting down to hard, it might seem obvious that having a tooth break of might bad news. While there are a wide variety of over-the-counter solutions that promise to allow you to repair them yourself, it might be better off stopping off at your dentist. This is because ill fitting repairs can affect the way they fit in your mouth, which can be particularly troublesome for partial dentures, which have to fit around your other existing teeth.

Chips And Cracks

Of course, often times, any damage to the false teeth might be a lot smaller in the forms of chips and cracks. You might be more willing to ignore these problems, since they don't affect the overall function of your dentures. Yet, chipped teeth often provide health hazards to you, since jagged edges can often accidentally cut or nick gums. Chips and cracks might have the other consequences as well, since it makes them harder to clean and maintain otherwise. These fixes are easy for your dentist, however, so don't delay should any chips or cracks form, as the damaged false tooth might fall out eventually otherwise. 

Stains Or Bad Smells

While following the care directions per your dentist's recommendation can keep your dentures in good working order ideally, sometimes there is just nothing you can do. While stains might not be anything to worry about on your own, they are cosmetically unsightly and can make social situations embarrassing. Luckily, your dentist can usually fix these problems quite simply.

However, if you notice that your dentures have a clear unpleasant odor, no matter how often you clean them, your health might be at risk as the material of the dentures might be compromised. This will allow bacteria to fester and grow inside the teeth, which can increase your chances of getting sick. So, if you notice any bad smells you will undoubtedly want to get them looked at right away. 

All-in-all, by taking stock of these few key signs that something is wrong, you can often prevent discomfort as well as preserve the function of your dentures for years to come by getting timely denture repairs.